Product innovations
VILOFOSS® MeidArom and MeidArom OrganicEssential oils for the wellbing of hens.
VILOFOSS® NutriSpar®The mineral feed for substainable cost savings!
VILOFOSS® ProtiSpar® and ProtiSpar ÖVO®patented feed additive for optimization the dairy cow´s protein supply
RespoSan® Breathe easy combines vitamines, electrolytes and herbal extracts.. RespoSan Breathe easy contains essential...
VILOFOSS® Gnawing stick Manipulable material for fattening pigs.
 VILOFOSS® PeckStone for Poultry... for more Poultry welfare
X-Zelit -prophylactic remedy against milk feverreduces the risk of... milk fever ketosis abomasal...
VILOFOSS® Premixes for sows New breeding and selection methods, modern keeping techniques and improved management have...
Chamber of Industry and Commerce honors apprentices and their training companiesChamber of Industry and Commerce honors 106 best apprentices and their training more
We sack in new bags!VILOFOSS-bags in a new Designread more
Reinforcement of the technical and scientific departmentSince 01.01.2018 Ina Jans-Wenstrup joined Deutsche Vilomix in the Technical Science Department (TWA) in the pig more
New recruitments in VILOFOSS® poultry groupEnlargement of VILOFOSS® Poultry Groupread more
Poultry Nutrition and Management SeminarInternational poultry seminar at Axelborgread more
Deutsche Vilomix strenghtens ExportDr. Faraz Ansari is looking forward to his new more
Feed trials at the Futterkamp Research Centre confirms the effects of ProtiSpar®Essential oils improve nXP supply. Savings of 0.5 kg soybean or rapeseed mead possibleread more
Eurotier in Hannover take place at 15. to 18. Nov. 2016Deutsche Vilomix represents as a co-exhibitor of the VILOFOSS-group at the Eurotier 2016read more
EuroTier in Hannover takes place 15. - 18. November, 2018
read more
Agro Animal Show in Kiev takes place from 15.-17. February, 2017
read more
Eurotier in Hannover takes place at 15. to 18. Nov. 2016
read more