Pig farmer meeting for the workshop

 Pfiffelbach, 23.6.2010

Over 120 guests from piglet production and pig fattening followed the invitation to the workshop of the Regional Groups "Economic pig production" Leipzig under the direction of Dr. Joachim Kühlewind.

Theme of the event was 

„Management in high herds -
30 piglets/sow sold, 900 g of MTZ at 56 % MFA“.

Agenda in the morning:

  •  Presentation of the agricultural cooperative Pfiffelbach e.G.                                                  Mr Fliege, presider of the agricultural cooperative Pfiffelbach
  •  Benchmarking - necessary managment priorities                                                                  Mr Dr. Kühlewind, pig advice Leipzig
  •  Feeding of high performance sows and fattening pigs 
    Mr Dr. Schäfer, Deutsche Vilomix Tierernährung GmbH, Neuenkirchen-Vörden
  •  Management and veterinary recommendations - sows and fattening pigs                        Mr Dr. Johannsen, consulting veterinarian for the company DTL DK
  •  Applicable technological processes, sows and fattening pigs 
    Mr Krag, Danbauer Waren/Müritz 

Participants discussed in two separate working groups on the piglet production and fattening in the afternoon. Dr. Arndt Schäfer and Dr. med. vet Andreas Spieler from the Vilomix were responsible in the working groups as team leader for feeding questions.