Eurotier in Hannover take place at 15. to 18. Nov. 2016

At the international trade fair for animal production, the EuroTier 2016 in Hannover, the Deutsche Vilomix represents as a co-exhibitor of the VILOFOSS-group.
Under the brand VILOFOSS the 12 member of the VILOFOSS-Group will present the following products:
  • ProtiSpar® – a feed additive for optimization the diary cows´ protein supply
  • MilbArom® – protects the hens against the red fowl mite
  • Kani-Stopp® – calms down pigs and avoids variation in productivity
  • X-Zelit® – prophylaxis against milk fever
  • PeckStone® – pre-occupation material for poultry
  • Stalosan® F – for a stable hygienic
As one of the biggest manufacturer in this segment, the VILOFOSS-Group exports over 340.000 to premix and mineral feed to the whole world.
More information about the VILOFOSS-Group
From the 15. to 18. November 2016 you can find us in the Hall 21 on the Booth E24.

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