Members of the German Bundestag Heinen-Esser visits Deutschen Vilomix in Neuenkirchen

During a visit to the ISN (Association pig farmer Germany) at 10:09:09 in Damme visited the Parliamentary State Secretary Ursula Heinen-Esser next to the courtyard learning site Fladderlohausen salvation in the animal nutrition company Vilomix German GmbH in Neuenkirchen.

Following a management by the Deputy Managing Director Dr. Dreishing there was a discussion board.

This protein feed was very frank about the GMO issue and the need for tolerances to avoid a further shortage of raw material supply are discussed.
The Secretary of State called for the short term the introduction of tolerance levels for even soybean varieties currently in approval. In the long term, however, would need the approval procedures in the EU are reduced.

The company with 140 employees, specializes in the area of demand is a manufacturer of animal feed and premixes (premix) for compound feed production and mineral feed for self-mixing farmers. The product range covers the areas of cattle, pigs, poultry, horses, sheep and small animals and leaves little to be desired.

More people took part in the meeting: Christoph Burose BMELV, Franz-Josef Holzenkamp MdB, Walter Goda, CDU-Kreisgeschäftsführer, Helmut Schnittker, Chairman CDU-Agricultural specialist working group, Julia Sandmann-Surmann and Friedhelm Biestmann CDU Facharbeitskreis Agrar, Prof. Dr. Martina Flath, Institut für Strukturforschung and Planung in agrarischen Intensivgebieten (ISPA) also AGRELA-Chairman, Dr. Gabriele Diersen, CEO AGRELA and Dr. Andreas Dreishing, stellvertretender CEO Vilomix. 
From ISN board members Christian Schulze Bremer, Philipp Schulze Esking, Birgit Scharlau, Ansgar Lünnemann and Paul Kathmann.