GF-Wesseling-DreishingNew managing directors 
at Vilomix

Effective 1 March 2010, Dr. Bernard Wesseling was appointed as the first CEO and Dr. Andreas Dreishing as the second CEO of Deutsche Vilomix Tierernährung GmbH.

Dr. Wesseling has been working for Vilomix in the Technical Scientific Department (TWA) as an advisor on pork and poultry activities since 2003. Since recently he has headed the premixes.

Dr. Andreas Dreishing has been working in the company since 1992. He has been deputy managing director since 2001.

Niels Johansen retired after 18 years of senior management. He remains an advisor to the company.

For you, our future business partners, they are well known contacts and the best means of communication available.

We thank all our customers and business-partners for their cooperation, and we trust you will continue to have the same confidence in our new management.
Dr. Bernhard Wesseling
Managing Director
Phone:   +49 5493 9870-48
Telefax:  +49 5493 9879-20

Dr. Andreas Dreishing
Managing Director
Phone:   +49 5493 9870-56
Telefax:  +49 5493 9879-56