New packaging machine started running

Sackverpackungsanlage Vilomix NeuenkirchenA new automatic bag packaging arrangement was put into operation at Deutsche Vilomix Tierernährung GmbH in Neuenkirchen-Vörden.

500 bags per hour

As one of the leading manufacturers of mineral feed and premixe for animals Deutsche Vilomix invested in this modern machine 370.000 Euro. „With a maximum output power of 500 bags per hour, we are confident to develop our production capacities further“, referred Dr. Andreas Dreishing, director and project manager. Per hour can be processed more than 12 t of premixtures or mineral feed at customer wish appropriate for loading. Up to 500 different raw materials are used for premix and mineral feed production. In order to fill the bags optimally, different bag sizes are used..

Modern filling machine with automatic weighing control

ARODO GmbH from Belgium with an establishment in Buchholz, planned and built the production line. With this company good experiences were already gained in the production facility of Deutsche Vilomix in Haldensleben. The products are filled in open cross ground paper bags with a weighing range of 10 kg - 40 kg and a division of 20 g.
The company Wolking Mühlen- und Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG from Vechta-Calveslage was involved in the necessary rebuilding works and binding to the mixing line.
Person to contact:
Andreas Dreishing
Dr. Andreas Dreishing
Telefon: 05493 9870-56
Telefax: 05493 9879-56

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