Press release of the new warehouse building in Haldensleben

Haldensleben – Deutsche Vilomix Tierernährung GmbH can be happy about the
completion of the new warehouse building at the facility in Haldensleben. The construction
time was only 8 months.
Picture: outward-view of the new warehouse building

 Warehouse expansion was neccesary

The plans for expansion of the storage area by 1000 square meters with 1500 storage positions for euro pallets started in winter 2014/2015 in order to be prepared for the growth at the facility in Haldensleben.

Furthermore the warehouse organization was switched to a scanner based warehouse software in 2015/2016. A faster commissioning, placement and taking out of the warehouse is possible. Chaotic stock-keeping is possible without problems and the new warehouse is approved for hazardous goods.

Integrated terminal as additional loading and unloading zone

An area for rear truck loading and unloading was integrated into the building in order to provide an additional clearance zone for the raised movement of goods. 
Picture: rack-places on the inside
Picture: aerial view with the marked new warehouse
Picture: new build loading zone

First building extension since plant opening

The volume of investment was about 900.000 €.
Due to the weather conditions in the spring there were delays in the construction period.
Since the plant opening in 2011 it was the first building extension in Haldensleben.
Opening of the new Plant in Haldensleben finden Sie hier.

Inauguration of the new warehouse expansion with family members

Inaugurated was the new warehouse on 02nd July, 2016 with the colleagues and construction companies. During a ceremony in the warehouse everybody could take a look at the building.

Plant manager and project manager Mark Zimmermann expressed his gratitudes to all involved people.
Picture: Inauguration on 02.07.16

Special thanks to all involved companies

Thanks to the excellent work of the involved companies the warehouse could be completed without problems. Our thanks go to the following companies::

    • Peters Stahlbau GmbH (steel hall, gates and doors)
    • Kest Bauunternehmung GmbH (outdoor facilities and underground construction)
    • Gerling & Rausch GmbH (reinforced concrete construction)
    • Lothar Heite (electrical installations)
    • Thomas SYS Tech GmbH (spill barriers)
    • Jungheinrich AG (rack systems and forklifts)
    • Hinterlang + Burk GmbH & Co. KG (planning office, building applications and
      construction supervision)

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