Separate mixing line for coccidiostats mixes completed

In early November 2005, the new separate line for mixing coccidiostats blends into operation. Now the Vilomix is also able to work in Neuenkirchen both completely of coccidiostats trace free to produce and simultaneously produce premixes with feed additive to prevent coccidiosis.
The coccidiostats be mixed separately, stored separately weighed, and using a quick-lift promoted high in the silo tower and directly into the mixer. Then place all the processing steps in a free fall. No cross conveyor or arrogance threaten the goal, Trace free as possible to work. The separate bagging and loading is available.
The investment in Neuenkirchen demonstrates a further step in the direction of additional quality assurance..
Basic information and pictures of separate mixing line for coccidiostats
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What are coccidiostats - Coccidiosis
Coccidiostats are as feed additives for chickens, young hens, rabbits and turkeys, but not allowed for laying hens. Coccidiostats work against the occurrence of coccidiosis in young poultry. This is caused by a protozoan intestinal disease. In chickens, they manifested by bloody diarrhea, listless animals and subsequent death of the diseased animals. Via feces, to be picked up again, can attack the pathogens within a few days, the whole flock. Prophylactically coccidiostats be given on the food.
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