... puts undesirable intestinal
    inhabitants in their place!

Spezialprodukt zur Unterstützung einer gesunden Magen-Darm-Flora
und stärkung des Immunsystems.

The Problem in the piglet weaning:

In the rearing phase there are some big obstacles to master for the weaned piglet
such as the conversion digestion and maturation of the immune system. Basic
requirement for this is in addition to a healthy digestive system, a stable and balanced
gastrointestinal flora which is developed with the piglet feed components.

If unwanted pathogens like streptococci, clostridia or pathogenic Coli bacteria get
the upper hand in this period, this can cause clinical syndromes besides significant
performance losses. Similar problems can also occur in the later pig fattening triggered
by various environmental stressors or pathogens.

The solution is S-Topp:

S-TOPP is designed to stop a displacement within the gastrointestinal flora and
reprimand unwanted pathogens in their place.

The unique combination of plant extracts with medium chain fatty acids characterized
through a broad, positive regulating anti-bacterial effectiveness while promoting
the intestinal health by positive effects on the relief of inflammation and the
regeneration of the intestinal mucosa.

Four good advantages of  für S-Topp:

  1. supports the development of a healthy,
  2. stable gastric intestinal flora
  3. prevents the enrichment of undesirable
  4. pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract
  5. supports the regeneration of the intestinal
    mucosa in inflammatory processes
  6. high daily weight gains with good feed
  7. conversion ratio and constant feed intake

Our recommendation for piglets an fattening pigs:


S-TOPP is integrated into the piglets core.
In complete feed we recommend a usage rate of 5kg / ton
during the entire rearing period or in critical areas of pig
You want a detailed consultation or need more information?
Please don´t hesitate to contact us! 

... thereby you feed your piglets and not the pathogens!


More Information

 For more information please contact Mr Dr. Arndt Schäfer:
Dr. Arndt Schäfer
Advisor for pigs
Phone: +49 5493 9870-44
Fax:       +49 5493 9879-40

Dr. Werner Kramer
Advisor for pigs 
Phone: +49 5493 9870-882
Fax:      +49 5493 9879-40

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