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The highly effective diarrhea prophylaxis

Every calf is born without active protection against infectious diseases. Diarrhea diseases are among the most frequent and economically significant diseases in calf-rearing.

With the colostrum passive immunity (defense) should be established. However, gradually it will deteriorate effectiveness. It takes several weeks till the calf's own defenses against infection will be built up. Discontinuation of colostrum falls within this period.
calves immune system
Massive parameters yield additional stress on the immune system:
  • separation from the female, new feed and feeding system
  • transport and placing stress
  • exposure to new strains of bacteria and germs


The RoCoSalE concentrate?

Durchfall bei Kälbern RoCoSal

RoCoSalE as a multitasking concentrate is manufactured from electrolytes and a special egg-powder mixture to increase immunity of breeding or fattening calves within the means of a high level of immunoglobulines (natural antigen-antibody complex) and to replenish a deficit of electrolytes caused by diseases or environmental stress.

What´s the use of electrolytes?

 Electrolytes are vitally important to almost all living organism. Priorly sodium, potassium and chlorine are needed to stabilize the osmotic pressure inside the somatic cells and to regulate the body-water balance as well.
They are significantly involved in the acid-base balance and the effect of the nervous system and muscle tissue. In connection with ullages (diarrhea, perspiration, etc.) minerals, trace elements and vitamins are increasing lost in greater quantities.

As a protection booster RoCoSalE concentrate ...

  • fortifies animal's immunity and improves the vitality of newborn calves
  • stabilizes the intestinal flora during milk feeding phase right from the start
  • equates losses of electrolytes caused by e.g. transport stress and can be applied during the adaptation phase in a regrouped calf herd
  • helps getting rid of intestinal disorders and diarrhea caused by feeding stress situations

When and how to use RoCoSalE

RoCoSalE concentrate is a water and milk soluble concentrate for calves. Extreme marginal quantities of herbs ingredients may appear. This fact doesn't change anything to the high quality of the RoCoSalE concentrate.




packaging and storage:

  • 5 or 15 kg plastic bucket
  • suitable for food
  • with screw cap
  • moisture resistant
  • best before date - 12 month
  • keep in a cool and dry place
More information:


For further information please contact Mr Lukas Obermeyer or Mr Niels Moritz.
 Lukas Obermeyer
Advisor for ruminants
Phone: +49 5493 9870-52
Fax:      +49 5493 9879-57

Niels Moritz
Advisor for ruminants
Phone: +49 5493 9870-510
Fax:       +49 5493 9879-57

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