Resposan Atem frei für Kälber gegen HustenRespoSan Breathe easy

Herbal extracts for stabilisation
of the respiration

Allows your calves to breathe deeply!


Don't underestimate calves´ cough!Resposan viren Infektionen Kälber

Only the body's defense mechanisms protect against viral infections. Viruses cause an initial infection of the mucous membranes and weaken the immune system. They pave the way for a secondary bacterial infection.

Stressors favour calves´ cough:

RespoSan Breathe easy

  • e.g. placing from different origins
  • rehousing of the animals
  • changing stable climate

Keep the performance up!

The calves´ lungs start to grow after four weeks. After about a year they reach their full functionality.
Every respiratory disease means a loss of functional lung tissue. This has a negative impact on the performance of the animals.

Raise healthy dairy cows!

Calves cough has significant consquences, ranging from lower growth performance to death. Mortality rate for untreated animals is about one third.
During rearing, chronically damaged lungs lead later to reduced performance of the dairy cow. The susceptibility to metabolic diseases is significantly increased.


Therefore support the immune system
of your calves


The product innovation RespoSan Breathe easy

combines vitamines, electrolytes and herbal extracts.
RespoSan Breathe easy contains essential oils and extracts of popular, especially for this purpose cultivated herbs. They thrive under best climatic conditions which have been used for centuries of cultivation of spice, medicinical and aromatic plants.

High quality is guaranteed!

The production of the active substances is performed by a special gentle distilling process.

Basis of RespoSan are essential oils from cinnamon, eucalyptus and peppermint.

During stress RespoSan provides a fast energy source for the calves.

Feeding recommendation for RespoSan Breathe easy:

Einsatz Resposan bei Kälbern
 * feed slowly with the half dosage.
   One full measuring spoon contains appr. 15 g.

How to use RespoSan:Resposan Pulver Kälber Eimer

  • added to feed as a powder
  • dissolved in calf milk

Packaging and storage:

  • 4 / 12 kg food-grade plastic buckets
  • moisture resistant by screw top
  • shelf life 12 months
  • store cool and dry
Download the flyer here.
For further information please contact Mr Lukas Obermeyer or Mr Niels Moritz.
 Lukas Obermeyer
Advisor for ruminants
Phone: +49 5493 9870-52
Fax:      +49 5493 9879-57

Niels Moritz
Advisor for ruminants
Phone: +49 5493 9870-510
Fax:       +49 5493 9879-57

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