xzelit Milchfieber kühe vilomixX-Zelit - prophylactic remedy against milk fever

X-Zelit®-EU-approved as an effective, prophylactic remedy
against feed-related parturient paresis. For use to minimize the risk of
milk fever.

Lactation can start optimaly

X-Zelit fixes much calcium on its big surface. Thereby the mobilization of calcium
of the cows body reserves gets trained. 
Not only the prophylaxis against milk fever can be seen as its plus factors. Also
typical secondary diseases like ketosis, abomasal displacement or after-birth
behaviour can be prevented. The cows will start their lactation much healthier.


Trials with X-Zelit® show:

X-Zelit vor Abkalbung Kühe Milchfieber

  • a remarkable reduction of milk fever: about 85 % success rate in trials at dairy farms.


80 % sodium aluminium silicate, synthetic
20 % wheat starch, pregelatinized

Instructions for the use of X-Zelit:

500 g of X-Zelit® per cow a day during the last 2 weeks prior calving. The palatability of feed will be improved when X-Zelit® gets mixed up into the ration. A limitation of the feed quantity ensures that a daily intake of 500 g sodium aluminium silicate per animal is not exceeded (EU-regulation).
Stop applying directly after calving.


X-Zelit reduces the risk of . . .

... milk fever

... ketosis

... abomasal displacement
... after-birth behaviour


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