Market adjustment
Activities within the scope of the EU agricultural reform and the changed consumers' behaviour
result in more difficult active marketing measures 
for fat, also for milk fat.

As is well-known the decline in prices in the past did 
indicate this trend of the market

A decrease of the milk fat content releases the market. It is an incontrovertible 
fact that deliveries of milk with a decreased milk fat content gives leeway 
for increased milk production within the farm milk quote.

CLA in compound feed / dairy cattle rations

  • reduces the milk fat content (0,4-0,6%)*
  • and increases the milk production (4,0-12,5%)*
    with unchanged milk protein contents*.

The use of CLA results indirectly in a relief of the energy balance in the range 
of high production in fact by

  • a noticeable reduction of the metabolic pressure (acetonaemia)
  • a lower resorption of body mass (BCS) 

Due to this relief of the metabolism an enhancement of physical health as well 
as fertility can be registered



  • compounded of a purely vegetable matrix 
  • pH-stable
  • conditionally compressible (pelletized)
Dose of CLA 125:
125g per cow and day from circa 10 days before the calve and between 
4 or 5 months after the calve or after a comapany advise.
CLA in praxis used by farmers in Niedersachsen and Nordrhein-Westfalen / FRG.
Milk fat content – before, during and after the field trial with Vilomin CLA 125
... and the monthly trend of milk production based upon the averaged yearly performance



Conclusion: energy deficit

The use of CLA in the Anfütterungsphase and in the first weeks of lactation has a positive effect on the energy balance. CLA reduces milk fat content. The animals reach a balanced energy balance two to three weeks earlier. Conjugated linoleic acids are a way to overcome the energy deficit of high-yielding cows faster and stabilize their metabolism. However, conjugated linoleic acids can not compensate any errors in the dry floor management.


product-No.    17000 supplementary feed VILOMIN ® CLA125
packaging:    25 kg bag
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