... relieves the mammary tissue.
Vilomin® ZLL stimulates the milk quality.
  • relieves the udder tissue
  • avoids inefficiency
  • prevents consequential costs
Retaining the milk quality is an active process to stabilize the balance between
  • the farms-particular infection impact
  • the defence disposition of the mammary gland
  • the hygiene of cowshed, fodder and milking
  • metabolism dysfunctions in consequence of feeding
  • stress factors (immunosuppression)
  • livestock owner and genetic
The somatic cell account expresses amongst others:
  • the natural renewal process of the udder tissue during lactation
  • the organisms' reactions to pathogenic agents
  • the gland tissues' reaction to mechanical and chemical-toxic effects.
The consequential costs of a lower milk quality
are misprized oftentimes. They cannot only be described to negatively altered substances of content but also to a exceeding organic load of the udder.
What is Vilomin® ZLL?
Vilomin® is a tasty mealy supplemental feed for dairy cows. It provides building up the natural resistances. Vilomin® ZLL enhances and ensures the milk quality.

What brings Vilomin® ZLL?
By feeding Vilomin® ZLL dairy farmers can be offered a quick and simple solution
  • to stimulate and to strengthen the udder tissues' function
  • to avoid inefficiency
Applying Vilomin® ZLL
Vilomin® ZLL will be made use of after assessing a dissatisfying milk quality. The dairy information about the composition of the collection tank milk as well as the single cow milk production data of the official controlling bodies can be a measure.
Feeding instructions application of Vilomin® ZLL per cow a day:
  •  during the first 10 days 200 g
  • during the second 10 days 100 g
More information
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