VILO Sweet-Min


The sweet lick blocks - optimal supply!

  • high percentage of molasses
  • guarantees top-ranking acceptance
  • rain persistant

Covering the mineral demand

Minerals and vitamins are essential nutrients for the organism of livestock. Calcium and phosphorus ensure a stable and functioning bone scaffold. They are important for all kinds of performances - growth, pregnancy or milk production.
Trace elements take a key role function in many
metabolic processes. An adequate supply provides
a basist for healthy hooves and a good fertility.

Vilo Sweet-Min is a sweet, rich in molasses lick block and ensures reliable absorption of minerals and vitamins.

Well supplied in grazing livestock!

The appropiate supply for grazing livestock is a special challenge.
The mineral content of livestock roughages vary. They depend on soil quality, fertilization and season. In particular, the selenium contents in the
grass are very low. The supply of grazing livestock with selenium is therefore to ensure separately.
Vilo Sweet-Min contains inorganic selenium additional a rumen protected selenium source.

Vilo Sweet-Min is unsusceptible to precipitation and especially suitable for grazing livestock.
Produkt-No.   41208
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Advisor for ruminants
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