VILOMIN® ProtiSpar Dairy farmers experience report

ProtiSpar Milchkuh Schuby17) Family Nunnenkamp
       32361 Preußisch Oldendorf
Vilomix-feeding consultant
Fritz Pucher
mobile: +49 170 335 9927
Nunnenkamp, Oberheide in Schröttinghausen, 30 km north east of Osnabrück in North Rhine-Westphalia, is a well known address for cattle breeding experts (OHG). The farm covers 127 ha agricultural area in use, – 15 ha as pasture and 112 ha for corn (45%), cereals (40%) and mixed field grass (15%).

Building activities during the last 2 years and the start of operation of 2 “Lely Astronaut” milking robots guarantee a maximum of comfort, animal house hygiene and efficiency
of work.

A “Strautmann Verti-Mix 1,700” mixes corn and wilted grass silage, alfalfa hay, ensiled
spent grains and a mineralized supplemental feed for a performance-linked and
“tailored” ration. The gifts of 2 different performance-linked concentrates are restricted
to a total of 6 kg per cow a day.

“As initiate of a milk producer program we have to abstain from GMO compounds like
soya bean meal. It got totally replaced by rape seed meal. Contemporaneous with dosing ProtiSpar® we were able to reduce rape seed meal even with 450 g per cow a day; so an abdication and an economy of 25 MT yearly. We ascertained no negative effects, neither in milk production nor in substances.“

As a member of the OHG breeders union Nunnenkamp's herd consists of a great
deal of first calving animals, however
  • 11,600 kg of milk per cow yearly
  • actually 37-38 kg per day
  • 3.1-3.2 robot visits per day
  • an ideal milk urea content of 200 ppm.

„Adding ProtiSpar® is economically and ecologically absolutely worthwhile to us;
not only due to the reduction of feed costs but also concerning the lower excretion
of nitrogen and phosphate. It's our modest share of environment relieving.“

                                                                                              Son Dietrich Nunnenkamp

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ProtiSpar farmers experiance report
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    26817 Rhauderfehn-Klostermoor    


For more information about the VILOMIN ProtiSpar please contact Mr J. Gozewijn M. Janssen or Mr Lukas Obermeyer.

J. Gozewijn M. Janssen
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