VILOMIN® ProtiSpar experience reports

ProtiSpar Milchkuh Schuby6) dairy famer
Harald Kipp
23628 Krummesse
Vilomix-feeding consultant (right)
Karsten Reese
mobile: +49 170 335 9909
H. Kipp from Krummess, Duchy of Lauenburg, approx. 10 km south of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, milks 120 dairy cows (2 classes) in a 20-unit “Westfalia” rotary parlor. The yearly milk production averages 9,000 kg including 4.00% of fat and 3.35% protein. ProtiSpar® is added to the rations for both of the performance periods since February 2012.

“We're feeding 12-12.5 kg DM of roughages -60% corn silage, 40% wilted grass silage and a little bit of straw- completed with 8.5 kg compound feed plus 1.5 kg of rape seed for the high yielding category, respectively 6.0 and 1.0 kg for the lower class. Before the ProtiSpar® application we fed even more rape seed. We reduced with 0.75 resp. 0.50 kg.

The 5 €-cent investment pays off. ProtiSpar® mixed in our VILOMIN® mineral feed will keep part of our feeding system.“
                                                                                                                     Harald Kipp
7) dairy farm

 49219 Glandorf
 ProtiSpar Rinder Glandorf
Vilomix-feeding consultant
Fritz Pucher
mobile: +49 170 335 9927
Dairy farmer M.P. from Glandorf, approx. 30 km south of Osnabrück in North Rhine-Westphalia, milks his 60 Holstein Frisians (40% first calving) with a “Lely Astronaut” milking robot. The 305 days milk performance averages 9,800 kg with 4.20% of milk fat and 3.40% protein.

“The basic ration -13.5 kg DM of roughages (60% corn and 40% wilted grass silage) plus 4.25 kg of a mixture consisting of soya bean and rape seed meal, cereals and other high-energy feed stuffs- suffices for 24 kg of milk. This supplemental feed and the robot compound feed as well are produced by the local co-op.“

“Adding ProtiSpar® enables to reduce the protein-containing components like soya or rape seed promptly, at large 500 g per cow a day without any negative effects on milk yield or substances. Those 5 €-cents are worth it.“
                                                                                                             M.P. aus Glandorf
ProtiSpar Referenzen Deutschland
ProtiSpar experience reports
  1. Schwarten, 24850 Schuby
  2. Furken, 27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck
  3. Gut Trossin, 04880 Trossin
  4. Agrarpr. Lindstedt eG, 39638 Lindstedt
  5. Hungerbühler, 8580 Hefenhofen, Schweiz
  6. Kipp, 23628 Krummesse
  7. M.P., 49219 Glandorf
  8. Wittenberg, 29588 Oetzen
  9. Brüning, 49451 Holdorf-Ihorst
  10. Hof Dersch, 35066 Frankenberg
  11. Agrargen. Reichenhausen,
    98634 Erbenhausen
  12. "Milch-Land” GmbH, 98669 Veilsdorf
  13. Agrargen. Hermannsfeld e.G.,
    98617 Stedtlingen
  14. Agrarges. mbH Siedenlangenbeck,      29416 Kuhfelde
  15. Betrieb Knol    ... review (Dutch)
    NL 7739 PA Vinkenbuurt
  16. Eekshof-Milch GbR,
    26629 Großefehn-Wrisse
  17. Nunnenkamp,
    32361 Preußisch Oldendorf - Schröttinghausen
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Advising on ruminant livestock

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 Lukas Obermeyer
Advising on ruminant livestock
Phone: +49 5493 9870-52
Fax: +49 5493 9879-57

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