VILOMIN® ProtiSpar experience report

ProtiSpar Milchkuh Schuby9) dairy famers
Klaus & Christa Brüning
49451 Holdorf
Jürgen von Wahlde 
mobile: +49 170 335 9908
8,900 kg is the average milk production of Chr. and K. Brüning's 400 dairy cows, located in Holdorf, Vechta County between the Hanseatic city Bremen and Osnabrück. The decision to start with ProtiSpar® was taken after the corn harvest and crop ensiling September 2012.

12 kg DM of ensilage, thereof 8.5 kg of corn silage, furthermore grass silage plus hay, supplemented with cereals, a soya bean meal-rape seed-urea (somewhat) mixture and completed with max. 5 kg compound feed suffice for a daily 34 kg milk yield as measured by day 100 of lactation. A customized ProtiSpar® VILOMIN® mineral mixture makes the whole thing round.

“Based on serious udder health problems we had to “clean up” our livestock and as a result to restock with all in all 40% first calving animals. We included a milk drop and lower substances. The very reverse happened. Changeless 3.55-3.60% of milk protein and circa 4.20% fat with a synchronous economy of 500 g of our protein mixture.

ProtiSpar® can be mixed into a VILOMIN® mineral feed very easily. It deserves to be considered.“
                                                                                        Klaus Brüning
ProtiSpar Rinder Glandorf10) dairy farm
Heinz und Stephan Dersch
35066 Dörnholzhausen
Vilomix-feeding consultant
Henning Käbitz 
mobile: +49 170 335 9906
In Dörnholzhausen at the eastern border of Waldeck-Frankenberg County the cattle breeders H. and S. Dersch manage their family farm with 70 Holstein Frisians. The average yearly milk performance adds up to 9,500 kg with 4.20% of fat and 3.40% of protein. The somatic cell account comes to 150.000.

The fodder mixer ration suffices for circa 26 kg of milk. It consists of wilted grass and corn silage (1:1), ensiled draff, cereals and a protein concentrate (38% of crude protein). The performance-linked concentrate measuring at 2 automatic feeders is restricted to a 7 kg max.
Since midyear 2012 ProtiSpar® gets added into the ration by way of a customized VILOMIX® mineral feed. At the same time the protein concentrate was dropped with 600 g per cow a day.

” For a wonder the milk performance as well as the substances
remained on the same level. Economy that pays well. ProtiSpar®
will be part of our rations in future.”
                                                                                                Stephan Dersch
ProtiSpar Referenzen Deutschland
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    32361 Preußisch Oldendorf - Schröttinghausen
For more information about the VILOMIN ProtiSpar please contact Mr J. Gozewijn M. Janssen or Mr Lukas Obermeyer.

J. Gozewijn M. Janssen
Advising on ruminant livestock

Phone: +49 5493 9870-57
Fax: +49 5493 9879-57

 Lukas Obermeyer
Advising on ruminant livestock
Phone: +49 5493 9870-52
Fax: +49 5493 9879-57

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