VILOMIN® ProtiSpar Dairy farmers experience report

ProtiSpar Milchkuh Schuby12) Milch-Land” GmbH
98669 Veilsdorf
Vilomix-feeding consultant
Dr. med. vet. Andreas Spieler
Veterinary specialist in animal nutrition
mobile: +49 170 335 9917
CEO Reimann farms with his 125 employees “Milch-Land” Veilsdorf Ltd.
It spans 4,800 ha -60% of cropland, 40% of grassland- in Veilsdorf and Crock in Hildburgshausen County, Thuringia, mainly for the purpose of fulfillment of own requirements.

1,300 dairy cows (1,530 overall) in Veilsdorf are kept apart in 3 production groups –
36, 30 and 17 kg daily performance. They get milked twice a day in a 40-unit “Impulsa”
rotary parlor.

A modernized computerized band feeding simplifies feeding matters every 3 hours.
Wilted grass silage respectively ensiled alfalfa and corn silage, together with e.g.
cereals, by-pass rape seed, a mineral mixture and a ProtiSpar® supplemental
compound feed from the neighboring feed mill, are the ingredients of several rations.

“Since October 2012 we use ProtiSpar® as an inherent part of the Veilsdorf rations.
Apart from economizing our monthly requirements of by-pass rape seed on 25% - that means 30 MT instead of 40 MT – we didn't change any essentials. Even my colleagues didn't notice any negative effect, neither in production nor in substances.“

„It gives no reason to remove ProtiSpar®. We are perfectly satisfied..“
    Silvio Reimann, Geschäftsführer
 Feed supplier:
ProtiSpar Referenzen Deutschland
ProtiSpar experience reports
  1. Schwarten, 24850 Schuby
  2. Furken, 27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck
  3. Gut Trossin, 04880 Trossin
  4. Agrarpr. Lindstedt eG, 39638 Lindstedt
  5. Hungerbühler, 8580 Hefenhofen, Schweiz
  6. Kipp, 23628 Krummesse
  7. M.P., 49219 Glandorf
  8. Wittenberg, 29588 Oetzen
  9. Brüning, 49451 Holdorf-Ihorst
  10. Hof Dersch, 35066 Frankenberg
  11. Agrargen. Reichenhausen,
    98634 Erbenhausen
  12. "Milch-Land” GmbH, 98669 Veilsdorf
  13. Agrargen. Hermannsfeld e.G.,
    98617 Stedtlingen
  14. Agrarges. mbH Siedenlangenbeck,      29416 Kuhfelde
  15. Betrieb Knol    ... review (Dutch)
    NL 7739 PA Vinkenbuurt
  16. Eekshof-Milch GbR,
    26629 Großefehn-Wrisse
  17. Nunnenkamp,
    32361 Preußisch Oldendorf - Schröttinghausen
For more information about the VILOMIN ProtiSpar please contact Mr J. Gozewijn M. Janssen or Mr Lukas Obermeyer.

J. Gozewijn M. Janssen
Advising on ruminant livestock

Phone: +49 5493 9870-57
Fax: +49 5493 9879-57

 Lukas Obermeyer
Advising on ruminant livestock
Phone: +49 5493 9870-52
Fax: +49 5493 9879-57

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