Feed trials at the Futterkamp Research Centre confirms the effects of ProtiSpar®

The Futterkamp Research Centre of the Agriculture Chamber of Commerce in
Schleswig Holstein, Germany closely examined the Vilomin® ProtiSpar® product
under real ration conditions using its 11,000-litre high-performance herd.

In these feed trial two rations were compared at the high performance level with
various contents of utilizable protein. The trial group 1 (VG1) “control” diet included
1 kg of rumen-protected rapeseed meal and had higher UDP-level than the (VG2)
trial diet without the rumen-protected rapeseed meal (VG1 = 30,5 % UDP and
VG2 = 27,0 % UDP). From this an absolute difference of utilizable protein at the
small intestine level of 123 g resulted for each cow and each day. This translates
to an expected performance increase of more than 1 kg of milk.

For the Trial Group 2 (VG2) the supplement ProtiSpar® was added via the common
mineral feed in order to compensate the lower UDP level.

During the course of the trial it was shown that the cows in Trial Group 2 (with Protispar)
had equal or better results with regards to performance, health and fertility.
After statistical adjustment for possible environmental influences and effects, the result remained unchanged:

  • The essential oils of ProtiSpar positively influenced rumen life and reduced the
    excessive protein degradation. Thus the content of the non-degraded raw protein
    of the total ration was increased.

Feed intependent feed expert Dr. Detlef Kampf reported on the trial and the results
in detail in an article appearing in Bauernblatt Schleswig-Holstein.

He summarized: „“The trial results allow us to conclude that with the addition
   of Protispar the cows must have had sufficient utilizable protein available at
   the small intestine.” That means ProtiSpar reduces the protein-degrading bacteria
   and thus provides cows with additional protein at the small intestine. Dr. Kampf
   added: “It appears as a result that with ProtiSpar, it is possible to use it comparably
   to rumen-protected rapeseed meal.””

In conclusion:
These results confirm the effect of ProtiSpar:
Improving the supply of UDP for high-performing dairy cows. Therefore not only the results of earlier field trials are confirmed, but also so are our experiences from consulting work: With ProtiSpar 0.5 kg of soy or
rapeseed meal per cow per day can be saved.
Trial at Futterkamp Research Center confirms the effect of Protispar.Read the complete report at the bauernblatt in German language.
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