VILO Dryfix

The smooth way to dry animals and stables!

A pleasantly smelling powder for drying animals ans stables.
What is VILO Dryfix?

Ferkel TrockenfixVILO Dryfix is a powder for farm animals
and stables. It contains mineral and plant components in
feed quality and dries in a safe and smooth

The ether oils and herb extracts have an
air-freshening effect and cover the animal
The dosage of VILO Dryfix:

Area: Implementation: Effects:
farrowing pen* Scatter behind and near
the sow and powder the
piglets right after birth
  • Piglets and umbilical cords dry very quickly
  • Prevents dropping body temperature
  • Very skin-friendly
Piglet nest* Scatter on the resting mats
  • Dry, non-slippery floor
  • Slower temperature loss
  • Less germs
Weaning of piglets Scatter on the resting
mats and the animals
  • Dry, non-slippery floor
  • Covers the animal smell
  • Less stress while creating new groups
Insemination center Scatter on the floor
  • floors become more dry
  • Less danger of slipping
* average dosage about 1 kg per litter

15 kg paper bag (450 kg on pallet)
  • Binds humidity
  • Dries resting mats
  • Improves climate in the stable
  • Improves animal health
 Further information:
For more information please contact Mr Martin Juckenack:

Martin Juckenack
Head of technical- scientific division, mineral feed / special products, Premix

Phone: +49 5493 9870-49
Fax: +49 5493 9879-40
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