Special products for piglets

Vilomin® special products are used to stabilize the health status and improving the performance in problem situations. These products act nutritionally and do not replace veterinary care.

VILOMIN® Porcosan

Feed supplement to promote the vitality of sows, boars and piglets.

The active ingredients contained in the special product Porcosan support and stabilize targeted hepatic metabolism. Negative impacts on growth performance and fertility can be prevented in stressful situations and life performance of the animals are raised.

VILOMIN® Partitop 500

Supplementary food to prepare and improve the birth phase
Partitop 500 is a single dose of 300 - 500 g, depending on the body weight of the sow, given at the 112th day of pregnancy.  If the sows have not yet farrowed at the 115th day 200g should be reused.


... to strengthen the immune system

Through a complex disease process as a Circo virus infection animals are often damaged latent or massively already in youth development. The result is an increased susceptibility to all types of performance degradation and impaired immune ...

VILOMIN® Vitapork

... to prevent sudden loss of performance in piglet rearing and pig
Various causes are triggers for depressions in performance of piglets and fattening pigs: eg stabling of purchase piglets changing stress, changes in diet, subliminal infections.

VILOMIN® Kani-Stopp

... calms cannibals and avoids performance degradation

The stable climate (draft, noxious gases, etc.), the stocking density and the unrest in the stable are often the trigger for aggressive behavior of the pigs. This can lead to "cannibalism", which is noticeable with tail, flank and ear biting.
... special prestarter for the little piglet
VILOSAN® prestarter Plus contains selected, tasty and highly digestible raw materials are also coordinated the acid and drug combinations. Prestarter Plus activates the immune system, acting for the positive stimulation of the intestinal flora ...
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