... for improving immunity

The problem:
infectious diseases for instance the circo-virus takes up the farmer to a difficult and grave situation.
Being due to this strain the pigs are
slightly or massively reduced in their performance.

The consequences are an increased risk
of growth depressions and a reduced immunity.
VILO-Vital was developed especially to prevent growth depressions and to improve the recovery.

The balanced composition of VILO-Vital supports the immune system and activates the metabolism.
fast-growing, vital piglets
in the case of unspecific growth depressions and supplementary to veterinarial medications and / or changes of environment, add 0,2 – 0,3 % VILO-Vital to the feed during 7 – 14 days.
healthy fattening pigs
prospective costs of diseases
Euro per pig
  +/- 25 g gain
  +/- fays of fattening
  +/- 1% loss 1,15
  +/- feed conversion ratio
 source: Averberg, Lwk NRW in LZ 24/2011
  • higher vitality
  • improved health status and a better recovery
  • reducing growth depressions
  • higher feed intake and increased feed utilization
Further information:
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