VILOMIN® Sauermix 68

Acid-combination for rearing piglets


What is VILOMIN® Sauermix 68?

Sauermix 68, a dry acid mixture with the specific combined efforts of each single acid.

Advantages of the single acids:

lactic acid
- natural acidifier
- anti-bacterial effects
- pleasant taste 
formic acid
- fast reduction of the stomach pH-value
- stimulation of the protein digestibility
- strong anti-microbial effects 
phosphoric acid
- reduction of the stomach pH-value
- increasing the protein digestibility and phosphorus utilization
acetic acid
- good palatability and high efficient in a wide pH-range
- anti-bacteffesct 



rearing and growers: 0,5 - 1,5 % in the feed

Advantages of VILOMIN ® Sauermix 68

Sauermix 68 improves the feed hygiene and
reduces the content of mould
  • advantages of different acids are combined
  • wide range of effects
  • additive anti-microbial efficiency

additional effect:

stabilizes the digestion


non corrosive


25 kg (1.000 kg per pallet)
Further information:
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Mr. Dr. Schäfer:
Dr. Arndt Schäfer
Advisor for pigs
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