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How to protect your hens!


"mini teaser with big ill effect!"

Numerous laying hen stocks suffer from the red fowl mite
(Dermanyssus galinae). Apparently hidden by day. The mite
appears under cover of darkness to suck hens´ blood.

The consequences are known:

  • permanent stress and skin bites, restlessness, increased
    incidence of feather pecking up to cannibalism
  • decreased feed conversion ratio
  • a lowered laying performance (number and weight of eggs)
    and eggs with bloodstains
  • an increased susceptibility to diseases, anemia up to mortality

The feed conceals the problem solving:

MilbArom is a special new product development by
Deutsche Vilomix - a vegetable additive based on essential oils.

Mode of action:

MilbArom get´s into the hens´ bloodstream. The red fowl mite avoids
this blood. Their food source runs out and the affection decimates.
trial with MilbArom
Vilomix Milbarom Legehennen

application recommendation MilbArom:

To deploy it scomplete properties MilbArom should be mixed up in compound feed with 0,5%.
Prod.-No. 75050 VILOMIN® MilbArom

Packaging sizes:

  • 25 kg bag (sufficient for 5000 kg complete feed)
  • 1,5 kg can (sufficient for 300 kg complete feed)

effective protection:

  • simple application
  • approved effect
  • no restriction
For further information please contact
Mr Dr Egbert Strobel:

Dr. Egbert Strobel
advisor poultry

Phone: +49 5493 9870 59
Fax: +49 5493 9879 57

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