VILOMIN® Laying-Plus 75020Vilomin Lege-plus

Metabolism enhancer for laying hens

Today's laying hens produce egg mass 12 times their own body weight annually. This genetically pre-determined, extermely high performance level leads to problems with metabolism at different phases. Very often the hens do not 
reach their maximum potential and the laying curve trails off 
faster than specified by the poultry company. Beginning at 
the 50th week of life, the share of broken eggs increases in 
The solution
Vilomin® Laying-Plus 75020 relieves the liver and supports metabolism.
  • Steady performance increase
  • Secure reaching of the laying peak
  • Increased egg weight
  • Starting at the 50th week of life: 
    • Significantly improved egg shell quality
    • Less broken eggs
    • Reduced animal loss
    • Steady performance
The effect-mechanism of Laying-Plus with laying hens:
Lege-Plus-Legehennen Wirkung 
  • At the start of laying:  
      Lege-Plus is used at 5 kg / tonne of feed for 3
      weeks before or during the period the peak is
      yet to be reached.
  • 2nd laying phase:
      Lege-Plus is used at 5 kg / tonne feed for
      3 weeks starting at the 50th week of life.
  • Last laying phase:
      Lege-Plus is used at 2.5 kg / tonne of feed, 
      oriented as to the laying curve and
Further information:
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