Kaustange Mastschweine Schwanzbeißen Beschäftigung

VILOLith® Gnawing stick
manipulable material
for fattening pigs


„Don´t worry -you´ve got the gnawing sticks !“

Ensuruing activity means more animal welfare!

In stabels without any bedding every pig must
have acces to manipulable material without
any health risk, which can be explored and
moved by the pig. At the same time the
material must be modifiable and also support
the animals natural investigative behaviour.

Our recommendation:

The new VILOLith® Gnawing stick complies with
all legal requirements and has proved itself in
tests particularly succesful.

About the material

The VILOLith® Gnawing stick consists of mineral
and organic components. It is pressed mechanically
by high pressure. 15 gnawing sticks are packed
in one carton.

Easy application!

Inserted in an adjustable wall mount the
VILOLith® Gnawing stick is available for the pigs
as manipulable material and ensures more calm
in the stable.The increased well-being supports
the preservation of health and motivation of pigs.

Kaustange Beschäftigung Schweine FlyerPractitioners reported ...

VILOLith® Gnawing stick is accepted especially in
case of enhanced aggressive behaviour and often
developed tail-biting as a consequence. An increased consumption of the gnawing stick is an early indicator
for starting tail-biting.

Avoid performance issues

For stabilisation and calming of the pigs we recommend our special product VILOMIN® Kani-Stopp in addition to the sticks.

For more information please contact Mr Dr. Werner Kramer:

Dr. Arndt Schäfer
Advisor for pigs
Phone: +49 5493 9870-44
Fax:       +49 5493 9879-40

Dr. Werner Kramer
Advisor for pigs 
Phone: +49 5493 9870-882
Fax:      +49 5493 9879-40

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