special products for fattening pigs

Vilomin® specialty products are used to stabilize the health status and improving performance in problem situations. These products effect nutritionally and do not replace veterinary care.

VILOMIN® Porcosan

... improves the vitality of sows and boars

The agent containes in Porcosan maintain and stabilize liver activity. It can improve growth, fertility and well-being of animals which might have suffered due to stress situations.


... for improving immunity

Infectious diseases for instance the circo-virus takes up the farmer to a difficult and grave situation.
Being due to this strain the pigs are
slightly or massively reduced in their performance.

VILOMIN® Kani-Stopp

... calms down canibals

The stable climate (drafts, hazardous gases etc.), pen population and unrest in stables are often the reasons for aggressive behavior of pigs. This can lead to “cannibalism” which results in tail-, flank- and ear-bites.
Clearly, this behavior affects animal’s well-being and leads to high economical losses. The wounds make animals sensitive for infections and productivity of all animals suffers.