VILOMIN® Kani-Stopp


... calms down canibals

The stable climate (drafts, hazardous gases etc.), pen population and unrest in stables are often the reasons for aggressive behavior of pigs. This can lead to “cannibalism” which results in tail-, flank- and ear-bites.

Clearly, this behavior affects animal’s well-being and leads to high economical losses. The wounds make animals sensitive for infections and productivity of all animals suffers.
Kani-Stopp is a new special feed which consists of metabolism-enhancing substances and a special combination of bioactive substances. Kani-Stopp stabilizes and calms down animals in stress situations.
In case of problems Kani-Stopp should be used in doses of 5-10 g per animal/day for 5 days or mixed with feed 5 kg/ton.

If animals are suffering from stressful situations, e.g. transfer to another stable, transportation etc. we recommend Kani-Stopp 2-3 days before the stressful situation.

"Calms down and avoids productivity fluctuations"

- strengthens the nervous system and improves blood circulation
- Improves productivity and feed intake
- Quick calming down and stabilization of
pig’s behavior
- Metabolism stimulation
- Improvement of vitality, beginning productivity drops can be avoided

- Reduces animal losses
- Eliminates productivity drops and assures high daily gain
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