Special products for sows

Vilomin® special products serve to stabilise health and improve performance in problem situations. These products are nutritional-physiological and do not replace any veterinary treatments.

VILOMIN® Scrofertil

Inebriation problems? Not enoigh piglets? Umrauscher? Fertility problems?

Scrofertil is administered with 1kg per sow at weaning (distributed 2 x 500g over 2 days possible). The sows must have enough fresh drinking water.


Feed supplement for young sows for stimulating inebriation

JS Fertil is administered on the day of arrival ( in case of poor feed intake on day 3 ) or switching from the quarantine stall to the deck center with 1kg per gilt . Gilts which have not rushed to the 20th day after the use of JS Fertil are injected with Suigonan and used 5 days later.

VILOMIN® Porcosan

Feed supplement to promote the vitality of sows , boars and piglets

The active ingredients contained in the special product Porcosan support and stabilize targeted hepatic metabolism. Negative impacts on growth performance and fertility can be prevented in stressful situations and life performance of the animals are raised.

VILOMIN® Partitop 500

Supplementary food to prepare and improve birth phase
Partitop 500 is a single dose of 300 at the 112th day of pregnancy , depending on the body weight of the sow - administered 500g . If the sows have not yet farrowed at the 115th day be reused 200g .

VILOMIN® Partivit

Special Food antenatal
The fertility of sows was oriented in recent years by a careful selection of breeding lines to high numbers of piglets . Despite intensive efforts by providing special feeding concepts to the optimal breeding sows , that in practice around the birth problems.

VILOMIN® Lactivit

Strengthens the immune system and metabolism
The disease process in sow herds has changed fundamentally. Non-specific, attributable difficult phenomena such as milk shortage, irregular order rustle or poor general condition can be observed despite improved hygiene and management measures.


... to strengthen the immune system

Through a complex disease process as a Circo virus infection animals are often damaged or latent massively already in youth development. The result is an increased susceptibility to all types of performance degradation and impaired immune ...

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