VILOMIN® Lactivit

Strengthens the immune system and metabolism problems

The problem
The health status of the sow herds has changed. In spite of improved management and hygiene non-particular, not easily recognizable symptoms like agalactia, return of heat or performance degradation are of frequent occurrence.
The solution
Lactivit was developed to prevent these problems and to stabilize health status to enable the sows to overcome critical phases.
Lactivit activates the metabolism and improves the immunity.
Lactivit improves the economic efficiency by means of
- clear and intensive heat
- better health status
- higher weight of the piglets at weaning
- more weaned piglets per sow
Further information

For more information please contact Mr Dr. Arndt Schäfer.
Dr. Arndt Schäfer
advisor pig

Phone: +49 5493 9870-44
Fax: +49 5493 9879-40
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