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"The optimal birth"
In the last years the fertility of the sows increased continuously and simultaneously the amount of liveborn piglets. Even new feeding concepts are in special kinds of situations not able to support the farrowing.
This leads to following problems:
  •  long term birth
  • high percentage of dead born piglets
  •  lack of milk (agalactia)
  • weak, lightweight piglets
  • higher losses of piglets
The solution
A special combination of different additives supports the sow before and during farrowing.
The metabolism is activated, accordingly health and performance capability will improve.


150 g per sow / day during 5 days before birth until 1 – 2 days after birth or at a dosage of 5 – 7,5 % in a special diet for farrowing.
 Sufficient water must be guaranteed.
  • quick farrowing
  • considerable reduced dead born piglets 
  • higher milk yield
  • higher vitality of the piglets
  • early intake of colostrum
The use of Partivit leads to a significant economic advantage for the sows holder:
  • Forward bending of MMA
  • more reared piglets / sow / year
  • already 1-2 piglets per 20 farrowings cover the costs
Key data for an economic assessment
key figures cost burden

One day longer days open

=  3,99 €

1% decreased pregnancy
( 1 x rushing = € 53.35 )
= 0,53€
1 more piglets per litter (depending on the piglet pric) = 30 - 50€
(Köhn 2001 - FH Bernburg)
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