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RespoSan Breathe easy
RespoSan Breathe easy
Special product for calves to breath deeply 
Puts undesirable intestinal inhabitants in their place! 
VILOMIN® Start-Feed SolVILOMIN® Start-Feed Sol
soluble prestarter for piglets from the 10th day of life. The increased sow's fertility has led to a significant increase in live-born piglets. To supply all the piglets early with high-quality, tasty... 
Vilomin® ProtiSpar®Vilomin® ProtiSpar®
patented feed additive for optimization the dairy cow´s Protein supply 
Comfort litterVILO  Comfort litter
Vilo-Comfort litter made of fresh wood for broiler. ... just quicker drying ... better pads, higher animal welfare, higher performance 

Premixes and mineral feeds for all species 

The Deutsche Vilomix Tierernährung Gmbh is a leading manufacturer of premixes (for the production of compound feed) and mineral supplements (for the self-mixing animal owners). Revenues last year amounted to over € 140 million and was produced by 230 employees. Locations: Neuenkirchen-Vörden (headquarters), Hessisch Oldendorf, Haldensleben and Orenburg (Russia).



Feed trials at the Futterkamp Research Centre confirms the effects of ProtiSpar ®

Essential oils improve nXP supply. Savings of 0.5 kg soybean...


Eurotier in Hannover take place at 15. to 18. Nov. 2016

Deutsche Vilomix represents as a co-exhibitor of the VILOFOSS-group...



Premix producer Deutsche Vilomix expands its management

Dr. Annabell Hardinghaus is looking forward to the new challenge



Stalosan® F delivers powerful punch to PEDv 

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have shown that Stalosan...


Vilomix ... for the best feed!

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