VILOMIN® ProtiSpar experience report

ProtiSpar Milchkuh Schuby14) Agrarges. mbH Siedenlangenbeck
       29416 Kuhfelde
Vilomix-feeding consultant
Dr. Joachim Dreyer
mobile: +49 170 335 9928
“Lowering of risks by pooling the risks“ - With his strategic planning CEO Chr. Schmidt spreads the risks over
alternative sources of income. Milk production, beef cattle, sucking cow husbandry,
cash cropping, grass semen reproduction and bio-gas (2010) are the main pillars of “Siedenlangenbeck” Ltd., Salzwedel County in Saxony-Anhalt.

31 employees, thereof 13 responsible for dairy, and 2 trainees. 1,800 ha agricultural
area in use, thereof 1.200 ha for sugar beets, cereals, corn or grass semen and 400 ha
of grass land providing the basis of supply for e.g. 700 dairy cows.

A modernized computerized band feeding simplifies feeding matters every 2 hours.
Milking takes place in a 32-unit “BouMatic” rotary parlor. The yearly milk production
averages 9,400 kg with 3.85% of fat and 3.25% of protein.

Corn and wilted grass silage (50:50 DM), supplemented with ensiled wet bruised corn, ensiled beet and potato pulp, cereals, rape seed, soya bean meal, by-pass fat and VILOMIN® mineral feed are the main components of the varying rations.

“Mixed up in our VILOMIN® mineral feed ProtiSpar® got an inherent part of our rations;
we carry out since 2012. We reduced the rations protein content with 1.0% per kg
DM-intake; so with 200-220 g of protein or according to this with 500 g of a soya bean meal-rape seed mixture per cow a day - approx. 125 MT yearly. No negative effects
regarding performances, substance or animal health.“

ProtiSpar® - our contribution to sustainability, to less environmental pollution and to cost effectiveness!““

                                                                                                                Christian Schmidt
ProtiSpar Referenzen Deutschland
ProtiSpar experience reports
  1. Schwarten, 24850 Schuby
  2. Furken, 27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck
  3. Gut Trossin, 04880 Trossin
  4. Agrarpr. Lindstedt eG, 39638 Lindstedt
  5. Hungerbühler, 8580 Hefenhofen, Schweiz
  6. Kipp, 23628 Krummesse
  7. M.P., 49219 Glandorf
  8. Wittenberg, 29588 Oetzen
  9. Brüning, 49451 Holdorf-Ihorst
  10. Hof Dersch, 35066 Frankenberg
  11. Agrargen. Reichenhausen,
    98634 Erbenhausen
  12. "Milch-Land” GmbH, 98669 Veilsdorf
  13. Agrargen. Hermannsfeld e.G.,
    98617 Stedtlingen
  14. Agrarges. mbH Siedenlangenbeck,      29416 Kuhfelde
  15. Betrieb Knol    ... review (Dutch)
    NL 7739 PA Vinkenbuurt
  16. Eekshof-Milch GbR,
    26629 Großefehn-Wrisse
  17. Nunnenkamp,
    32361 Preußisch Oldendorf - Schröttinghausen
For more information about the VILOMIN ProtiSpar please contact Mr J. Gozewijn M. Janssen or Mr Lukas Obermeyer.

J. Gozewijn M. Janssen
Advising on ruminant livestock

Phone: +49 5493 9870-57
Fax: +49 5493 9879-57

 Lukas Obermeyer
Advising on ruminant livestock
Phone: +49 5493 9870-52
Fax: +49 5493 9879-57

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