Reinforcement of the technical and scientific department

Since 01.01.2018 Ina Jans-Wenstrup joined Deutsche Vilomix in the Technical Science Department (TWA) in the pig area.

Ms Jans-Wenstrup grew up on the parental piglet producer´s business in Neuenkirchen-Vörden. After graduating from high-school, she completed both her Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences and the Master of Livestock Sciences at Justus-Liebig-Unvicersity Gießen. Meanwhile she was able to gain further experience in pig farming through various internships.

This year Ms Jans-Wenstrup will be able to complete her doctorate on the subject "Tail biting in piglet rearing".

We wish Mr Jans-Wenstrup all the best for the future challenges.


Ina Jans-Wenstrup

Ina Jans-Wenstrup

Advisor for pigs

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