We sack in new bags!

VILOFOSS-bags in new design

Look forward to a fresh design!

From the spring of 2018, the new bags
with the VILOFOSS® brand will gradually
be delivered to you



For our export markets, the animal names are also printed in English. The familiar composition of our premixes, mineral feeds and specialty products remains unchanged.


You can look forward to the following new designs:

  • Mineralfutter für Mastschweine
    mineral for porkers

  • Mineralfutter für Zuchtsauen
    mineral for sows

  • FK-Produkt

  • Prestarter

  • Mineralfutter für Ferkel
    mineral for piglets

  • Mineralfutter für Mastrinder
    mineral for beef

  • Mineralfutter für Rinder
    mineral for cattle

  • Mineralfutter für Kälber
    mineral for calves

  • Mineralfutter für Pferde
    mineral for horses

  • Mineralfutter für Schafe
    mineral for sheep

  • Mineralfutter für Geflügel
    mineral for poultry

  • Spezialprodukte
    special products

  • Vormischungen for alle Tierarten
    premixes for all animal species


More information

For more information please don´t hesitate to contact our marketing department.


Markus Assmann

Markus Assmann

Head of marketing / advertising

+49 (0) 5493 9870-22
+49 (0) 5493 9879-22


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