VILOFOSS® NutriSpar®

The mineral feed for sustainable cost savings!

  • special substance combination
  • improves the feed conversion rate
  • saves protein feedstuffs


Focusing on the feed costs:

Due to the high market prices for grain, soy and rapeseed meal, cost pressure are increasing and the economic situation of the pig farmers is getting very tense.

A major factor for the successful pig fattening is an efficient feed concepts


Take a look at how farmer Christof relieves his fertilizer balance and also saves on feed costs.


 The new NutriSpar-mineral feed concept:

The new, specially developed NutriSpar - active substance combination forms the basis for an economically pig fattening.




What does the new NutriSpar-concept supply?

NutriSpar grower
 NutriSpar fattening
 - phytase ++ ++
 - vitamins ++ ++
 - amino acids ++ ++
 - Phytogenic additives + +


Application area NutriSpar - concept:

  • applicable in both growers and fattening - in both sections there are
    coordinated mineral feeds available
  • suitable for boar fattening!
  • plant-specific mineral feed with NutriSpar-complex are possible


In addition we offer both grower and fattening NutriSpar - mineral feed with
VILOFOSS-herb flavour

Addition advantages of ViloFoss-herb aroma:

  • improves the feed intake, stimulate the appetite
  • stabilises the metabolism
  • pleasant smell in the stable


Sustainable economic:
  • saving of protein feedstuffs
  • improved feed conversion
  • less phosphorous in the manure
  • vital animals
  • high portions of lean meat
  • suitable for boar fattening!



Field tested:

"By the optimisation of our feed mixture according to the NutriSpar-concept, feed conversion was improved. At the same time we save feed costs. Daily weight gains remain stable at a high level."

(results from a farmer in Germany´s Osnabrück region)


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