VILOFOSS® ProtiSpar® and ProtiSpar ÖVO®

feed additive for optimization
the dairy cows' protein supply



  • a cost-cutting measure - at least 0.5 kg soya bean or rape seed meal            
                                       per cow a day!
  • relieving the ammonia overexposed liver
  • increases the small intestine protein inflow
  • relieves the energy balance and maintains health and fertility



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18 dairy farmer in Germany 
  1 dairy farmer in Switzerland
  1 dairy farmer  in the Netherlands


Current trial report with ProtiSpar at the University Wageningen and CAH Dronten  University of applied science you could read here.


Feed trials at the Futterkamp Research Centre in 2016 confirms the effects of ProtiSpar®. Read the press release.


Download article from Bauernblatt 34/2016 (pdf)


ProtiSpar is a combination of essential oils,

reducing selectively the bacterial protein decomposition in the rumen.



ProtiSpar background information with annotations relating to:

  • functionality,
  • influence on ration’s composition,
  • options of choice of protein feedstuffs,
  • fertility and health,
  • environmental requirements       


  Download ProtiSpar background information (pdf)



The decomposition of protein

in the rumen is affected by a great many of different factors.




The bacterial protein break down into amino acids can be decreased by:

the selection of components with a low protein degradability that could add to reduce the rapid decomposition of protein compounds in the rumen into amino acids.



The activity of essential oils

In many cases essential oils (classified as secondary herbal metabolites) possess anti-microbial characters. The properties of each of them are dependent on the quality and quantity of their principal constituent.




ProtiSpar - a patented combination of several essential oils:

  • reduces the amino acids break down by "HAP" bacterial strains into ammonia,
  • without any interference of the acetic or propionic acid synthesis, i.e.
  • no adverse effects on milk yield, milk fat and protein content. 



ProtiSpar benefits:


  • effecting an economy in protein supply 
  • relieving the ammonia overexposed liver
  • increases the small intestine protein inflow
  • relieves the energy balance and maintains health and fertility
  • optimizes cost-efficiency in milk production
  • environmental relief by decreased ammonia emission


To be sourced as supplementation in mineral and compound mixed feed, please ask your expert adviser.


ProtiSpar Rapsschrot Sojaschrot Protein




More Information about ProtiSpar:

  Download ProtiSpar flyer (pdf)Download farmers experience reports (pdf)Download review from CAH Dronten, NL (pdf)Download article about ProtiSpar in De Molenaar - June 2013 (pdf)Download article about farmers experience in Plattelandspost - July 2013 (pdf)


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