VILOFOSS® MeidArom and MeidArom Organic

With natural aromas of plants

  • Simple application
  • Natural product
  • Nile withdrawal
  • Healthy hens


“Essential oils for the wellbeing of your hens!”


MeidArom changes the specific smell of the hens. Nuisance pests avoid the closeness of these hens.


MeidArom supplements the feed with valuable essential oils from traditionally used plants (clove, citronella grass).

The essential oils for MeidArom and MeidArom organic are
gained gently without using solvents by the
process of steam distillation. All plant species are
grown adhering to organic farming regulations.



natural plant power -
essential oils derived from herbs


  • no effect on egg taste or smell

  • can change the smell of hens' skin perceived by insects

  • can favourably influence feed intake


MeidArom positively contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the following:

  • performance

  • stable plumage & unblemished skin

  • good intestinal flora

  • immune defence

  • calmness and balanced flock


Application recommendation:

MeidArom and MeidArom Organic are mixed with the feed at the rate of 0.5% to 0.75%. MeidArom Organic is approved for organic farming according to EU-VO 834/2007 and 889/2008.


Your advantages:

  • simple application

  • Nil withdrawal period

  • suitable for organic use

  • no pesticides or biocides


Offered container sizes

  • 25 kg bag (sufficient for 5,000 kg complete feed)

  • 1,5 kg can (sufficient for 300 kg complete feed)


  • Prod.-no.:    75055 VILOFOSS® MeidArom

 75175 VILOFOSS® MeidArom Organic


More information

Download VILOFOSS® MeidArom flyer (pdf)Download VILOFOSS® MeidArom organic flyer (pdf)


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