Premixes for poultry

The demands of poultry depend on the type, layout and purpose of production. Egg production has completely different requirements than feeding for poultry fattening.

To fulfil customer needs, Deutsche Vilomix offers products that are adapted to each species of poultry and production type.

As our blends vary to suit the broad needs of customers, we present only a few sample recipes.



Download examples of premixes for poultry (pdf)


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Martin  Juckenack

Martin Juckenack

Head of technical- scientific division, mineral feed / special products
Premixtures / Poultry

+49 (0) 5493 9870-49
+49 (0) 5493 9879-49

Dr. Egbert Strobel

Dr. Egbert Strobel

Advisor for poultry

+49 (0) 5493 9870-59
+49 (0) 5493 9879-57

Angela Fritz

Angela Fritz

Advisor for pigs, poultry, horses and pets

+49 (0) 5493 9870-769
+49 (0) 5493 9879-40


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