VILOFOSS® RespoSan® Breathe easy

Herbal extracts for stabilisation
of the respiration



Product innovation - RespoSan Breathe easy

combines vitamins, electrolytes and herbal extracts.. 


RespoSan Breathe easy contains essential oils and extracts of popular, especially for this purpose cultivated herbs. They thrive under best climatic conditions which have been used for centuries of cultivation of spice, medicinal and aromatic plants.


High quality is guaranteed!

The production of the active substances is performed by a special gentle distilling process. Basis of RespoSan are essential oils from cinnamon, eucalyptus and peppermint.


During stress RespoSan provides a fast energy source for the calves.


How to use RespoSan:

  • added to feed as a powder

  • dissolved in calf milk


Packaging and storage:

  • 4 / 12 kg plastic buckets

  • moisture resistant by screw top

  • shelf life 12 month

  • store cool and dry


Download VILOFOSS® RespoSan Breathe easy flyer (pdf)


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