The development of innovative VILOMIX products is the
result of the latest scientific findings combined with practical experience. A clear product concept with individual premixes and mineral feed for the various fields of animal feed production is our contribution to efficient animal feeding
and economic livestock keeping.
Abroad, the products are sold under the registrated
trademark “VILOFOSS®”.




Designed according to the requirements of mixed feed producers, premixes are offered for different kinds of livestock and production facilities, as to Vilomix recommendation or customer wishes.


Mineral feed and special products

The product range covers the areas of cattle, pigs, poultry, horses, sheep and small animals, and leaves little uncovered.

The latest scientific findings and practical experience have been used specifically for developing innovative Vilomix-products. We offer successful products and premium solutions for high performance animal nutrition.


Commercial products

To offer feed manufacturers and farmers a comprehensive product range for successful feed production, a variety of feed materials, additives and preservative products are offered.


Pet food

High quality products like Basko-dry feed for dogs and Tinkat-Complete feed for cats round out the Deutsche Vilomix product range.



Premixes • Mineral feed • Special products • Additives • Single ingrediants • Hygiene solution