VILOFOSS® lick blocks

for cattle, sheep and horses

The optimal mineral supply for your lactating, dry or beef cows, for breeding calves, sheep and horses:

The highly appetizing and homogeneous lick blocks are weather proof and so applicable at best for out and indoor use. Supplemented calcium and phosphorus perform principal tasks in the field of stability and functions of the skeleton.

The low contents of sodium in the commonly used feedstuffs will be completed via VILOFOSS® lick blocks as well. The same applies for the covering demand of many important micro-elements. They assume important allocative functions in many metabolic processes.


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Download VILOFOSS® overview lick blocks (pdf)


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Dr. Ottmar Eckhardt

Dr. Ottmar Eckhardt

Advisor for calves, horses, sheep, small animals

Analysis affairs / Quality Management

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Erwin  Frahm

Erwin Frahm

Advisor for pigs / cattles
Product consultation LignoBond (pressing additives)

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Niels  Moritz

Niels Moritz

Advisor for ruminants / calves

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