Quality management

Successful quality management in terms of customer satisfaction

The demands of the customers, the safety for humans and animals as well as the environmental impact of production and products is our highest guiding principle.

As a link in the food chain, our products are also important for people. In production we exclusively use premium value raw materials. Our certified quality management assures the highest levels of product quality and safety.

Our good governance is guaranteed by a serious taken certified quality management according to QS principles at the sites Neuenkirchen-Vörden, Hessian-Oldendorf and Haldensleben.

In addition, Deutsche Vilomix Tierernähurng GmbH QA system participant and certified as:

  • A-Feed Supplier

  • Eco-Feed-Supplier (according to EC reg. 2092/91 EWG)


The product security of the final products will be reviewed at regular intervals. A control agreement with the North-West LUFA guarantees maximum product quality.



Deutsche Vilomix is certified as to the AEO directives - one of the first plants in the sector of feed. In the future that means customs clearance processes with customers in third countries will be easier and faster. As a result, the company is now registered with German Customs as an Authorized Economic Operator with AEOF-status.


Information for our customers

The review of the validity of quality-certificates and the QS-system participation (QS ID 4031735004267) may happen at any time via the links listed here:


A current declaration (suppliers declaration) for quality management system acc. Regulation (EC) 183/2005 may be viewed at any time from the table with certificates on the left hand site.



More information

For more information please don´t hesitate to contact our quality managers.


Dr. Ottmar Eckhardt

Dr. Ottmar Eckhardt

Advisor for calves, horses, sheep, small animals

Analysis affairs / Quality Management

+49 (0) 5493 9870-46
+49 (0) 5493 9879-57

Dr. Mazhar Shahin

Dr. Mazhar Shahin

Quality Management

+49 (0) 5493 9870-512
+49 (0) 5493 9879-57



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